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Sprite Chainmaille Key Chain

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Seems the Wee Folk have been busy!!! The sun and waves have been harnessed here into a glittering orb of spectacular color! Bright teal with sunshiny highlights make this perfect for an excursion to any body of water! (However, we don't recommend the hot tub, pool or bathtub...just a little FYI from the wee Sprite, herself!) Looking to add a little pizzazz to that tired old key chain? Here it is!!

Please note that the colors on the rings will wear over time. Take care not to just toss these into your purse with lots of items that could potentially scratch the metal. I do use one of these on my own key chain that has just oodles of keys, but my keys are always clipped to the outside of my bag when they're not in the ignition of the car. If you use this on a zipper pull, please remove it prior to washing the garment. Feel free to use it on your cell phone, too!! What an eye-catcher!

Approximately 1.5" in diameter

Sprite Chainmaille Key Chain Sprite Chainmaille Key Chain

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