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Orchard Necklace

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$25.00 USD


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Love going to orchards? I know I do! Even if you don't love going to the orchards, I'm sure you'll agree that having something fresh out of the garden beats it coming from the grocery store any day! This necklace pays homage to the freshness of the seasons!

Floating, wire wrapped hearts suspended between golden chains and connected to them with golden rosettes and peach rings. It's a yummy pale orange that brings to mind everything from peaches to pumpkins! Finally, there are golden puffed hearts graced with tiny golden leaves and suspended from the large floating hearts by bright green "vines". These little hearts move up and down the larger hearts and create a special little music all their own! Perfect for three full seasons of fresh pickin's!

This necklace will definitely slide over your head for all those Spring and Summer excursions to the Farmer's Market or the orchard. However, when the Fall season rolls around and you still have some pickin' to do, it's got an adjustable chain on the back so you can wear it over your favorite sweater. A full, fashionable, glorious necklace that's sure to bring a bright smile to everyone!

Approximately 31" that adjusts to add another inch

Orchard Necklace Orchard Necklace Orchard Necklace Orchard Necklace

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